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For those of you who love Moleskine notebooks, but yearn for something special for the activities you are passionate about, you’ll be glad to know that Moleskine’s Passions journals will be hitting the store shelves soon. I have these on order and hope to have them at www.journalingarts.com soon and have a review planned in coming weeks.

Moleskine Passions is a collection of six different journals to record and recall memories, thoughts and notes about six different passions: Recipes, Wine, Book, Film, Music and Wellness. The black cover, one of the icons of the Moleskine brand, for the first time in the brand’s history is fully embossed with a tight texture of themed images and writings.

You can use them to collect information and reviews about books you’ve read, restaurants you’ve visited, concerts you’ve attended and dishes you’ve tasted. And once you’ve recorded this information you can share your discoveries with others or save it for future reference.

Each journal is a personal archive to fill in according to different needs and feelings:

  • Pages divided by printed tabs, with a themed layout for supporting you in taking notes.
  • Pages divided by blank tabs, that the user can personalize with the enclosed adhesive labels.
  • Blank pages for freedom of expression.
  • Enclosed adhesive labels, with words and icons.
  • Themed charts, calendars, glossaries, listings.

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