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What’s small, round and yellow with an insatiable appetite? Pac-Man, of course, and he will be your constant companion in your new 2012 Pac-Man Moleskine Planner. You can choose from large and small weekly and daily planners adorned in traditional Pac-Man colors black and yellow. The weekly planners are primarily yellow, while the daily planners are primarily black.

Pac-Man limited edition planners include a band of colorful Pac-Man characters, and address book and a post card.

Both planners feature a debossed Pac-Man game board  accented by Pac-Man in bright yellow on black, or silver foil on yellow. Planning pages in both daily and weekly formats are identical in layout to the classic Moleskine Planners, but the interior features colorful band of Pac-Man characters on the inside of the covers, both front and back. A removable address book continues this theme that wraps around front and back covers.

Pac-Man Daily planners have a black cover and one-page-per-day planning format.

Daily Planners
Both large and small daily planning formats feature one-day-per-page planning. Black covers are enhanced by a bright yellow Pac-Man character on the front and  “High Score” on the back cover. A debossed game board on the front cover adds subtle texture. A classic, black ribbon bookmark helps you find your place.

Weekly Planners
Both large and small weekly planning formats feature one-week per-two-page-spread planning, with a week-to-view on the left and a ruled page for notes on the right. Bright yellow covers are enhanced by a silver foiled Pac-Man character and an debossed game board cover. A bright yellow ribbon bookmark keeps you organized.

Weekly Pac-Man planners feature a week-on-the-left, ruled-page-on-the-right planning format.

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Two new Cahier planners have been introduced to the Moleskine line for 2012. Both planners feature the cardboard covers and thin profile we’ve come to expect on the Moleskine Cahier notebooks, but both planners offer a new planning format.

Moleskine's new Cahier Planners feature 1-week-per-page planning and four new earth-tone colors including mais, ginger, wheat and terracotta.

Moleskine Cahier Weekly Diary/Planner
One Week Per Page, 2 Weeks Per 2-Page Spread
Retails for around $7.00

Each Cahier Weekly planner features 1 week per page or 2 weeks per spread. This weekly planning format is in both the Cahier Weekly and the 3-Piece Cahier planners.

Available in 4 earth tone colors, mais, terracotta, wheat and ginger, Moleskine’s Weekly Diary/Planner features a planning format with one week per page or two-weeks-per 2-page spread. This is great for those of you who have minimal planning needs but would like to see a half of a month’s worth of planning in one 2-page spread. Slim Cahier styling and fewer pages result in planners that are ultra thin, measuring just 3/16″ thick. In addition to the planning pages, the Cahier Weekly planner includes 28 pages in the front of the planner with:

  • a personal data page
  • box style monthly calenders
  • 2012 and 2013 annual planning calenders
  • international holidays chart
  • travel planning and memos chart
  • time zone map
  • dialing codes
  • measures and conversions
  • international sizes

The rear of the planner has 11 ruled pages for notes or sketching.

Moleskine's new Three-Piece Cahier Planner.

Moleskine Cahier Three-Piece Diary Planner
Both Weekly and Daily Planners and a Memo Folder
Retails for around $15

For those of you who need more versatility in scheduling, check out Moleskine’s Three-Piece Daily/Planner. This planner set has both weekly and daily planners and a memo folder with an elastic strap to keep it all organized. Even though it contains three pieces, the entire set is surprisingly thin, measuring just 3/8″ thick, which is comparable to Moleskine’s pocket-sized, soft cover planner.

This planning set includes 3 pieces, a weekly planner, daily planner and a memo folder with an elastic strap.

Unlike the rest of Moleskine’s planning line, these planners are stripped down to the bare essentials so only the planning pages and a few ruled pages are included. There are no monthly calenders or travel charts. This results in a surprisingly thin profile even when all three pieces are together.

The 64-page weekly planner has the same planning format as the Cahier Weekly Planner, 2 weeks per-2-page spread and includes 9 ruled pages for notes in the back of the planner.

The daily planner has undated 1-page-per-day planning, enabling you to fill out the day and month you desire. Because there are only 64 pages, you won’t be able to use daily planning pages for the entire year, but for those days where you have a lot of scheduling or if you have a class schedule that repeats. Perforated pages allow you to remove the daily planning pages and insert them into the weekly planner for reference.

All three pieces store compactly and are held together with the elastic strap on the memo folder.

To order the new Moleskine Cahier Planners or other great Moleskine planners, visit my eBay store here: Moleskine Planners.

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Moleskine Volant Daily Planner Hack

Moleskine Volant Daily Planner hack uses a a paper clasp and paper folds.

The Moleskine Volant Daily Planners are are easy to use because of their thin profile and small size, but they lack an elastic strap and a ribbon place marker. This simple set of hacks will bring your Volant planner up to speed and add a pen holder, too. These solutions were shared with me by my good friend Alex, who will be a freshman in college this fall.

A Colorful Paper Clasp Will Keep Your Planner Closed and Add A Pen Holder

I was struck by the simplicity of this hack. Not only does a paper clasp do a great job of keeping  the Volant planner closed, it can also be used to keep a pen with your planner. You can also use it to anchor your planner to larger books or notebooks. Paper clasps come in a variety of sizes and colors enabling you to to create the perfect combination of  function and design.

Moleskine Volant Daily Planner Hack

Just clip on a paper clasp in your favorite color, fold back the arms, and your planner will stay closed and relatively flat. If you leave a little room between the bottom of the clip and the pages, you can slide a pen along the side. If you prefer to attach the pen using a pen clip, no problem, just slide the clasp towards the top of the planner and clip your pen on the corner of the clasp.

Origami-Inspired Paper Folds Keep You On Track In Style

Organization doesn’t have to be boring to be effective. Simple paper folds for days that have passed create a  beautiful place holder in your planner.  By folding the corners into the middle of the planner, alternating between the top and bottom, a v-shaped indentation is formed. This leaves a perfect, thumb-sized place to open to the current day. If you have days or pages that have passed that you want to refer to quickly, no problem, just color the folds for easy recall.

Moleskine Volant Daily Planner Hack

By folding the page corners of previous days into the planner in an alternating pattern, you can create a beautiful tab for the current planning day. Add colors and change the folds to create the look that suits you best.

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Moleskine's New Mini Planners

The Moleskine Mini Planner is a new product for 2011. Both weekly and daily planners have similar outer dimensions size as an iphone.

The first shipment of Moleskine Mini Planners is in stock at JournalingArts.com.  The weekly planners available for purchase are blue, lime green, black and pink. Maroon and Sky Blue are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. If you prefer a mini daily planner, black and pink are in stock now, ready for immediate shipment.

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Moleskine’s 2010-2011, 18-month planners now feature box-style monthly planning calendars inside their weekly planners. This is great news for those of you who detest the lined, vertical monthly calendars in Moleskine’s earlier weekly planners.  The new style resembles a wall calendar making it possible to quickly view and understand each month’s scheduling. Thank you, Moleskine, for listening to your customers!

Moleskine 18 Month Academic Planner has Box Style Calendars!

Moleskine's New, 2010-2011, 18-Month, Weekly, Academic Planners now include Box-Style, Monthly Calendars. Gone are the tiny, hard-to-read vertical calendars of previous years. Let's hope all of Moleskine's new planners will have this format.

For those of you looking to pick up a new, 2010-2011 Academic Moleskine Planner, they are now available at www.journalingarts.com. For a 10% discount on your order through April 30, 2010, enter discount code SAVE10NOW in your shopping cart and click the Apply Coupon button.

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Moleskine Mini Planners

Moleskine's Mini Planners are new for the 2011 planning year will be available in early summer of 2010. New colors include maroon, sky blue, lime green, navy and dark pink.

Moleskine is releasing several new products this year including a new weekly and daily Mini Planners in a variety of new colors. Sized at tiny 2¾” x 4¼”, they are slightly larger than the X-small Moleskine Volant and small enough to take with you wherever you go. They will be available in 6 colors including black, dark pink, sky blue, lime green, maroon and blue. Retail prices will be $9.99 USD for both the weekly and daily versions.

Moleskine Sky Blue Mini Planner

The tiny size is smaller than the length of a standard pen and will fit in almost any pocket or purse.

Moleskne Mini Weekly Planner

The weekly format is familiar, an unlined, horizontal format. While it is small in size, there is plenty of room for planning if you have only a few appoinmtents a day.

The planning formats are consistent with the mini’s larger cousins in style and layout, just smaller. The weekly format features a week spread across two pages in a open, horizontal format. There are no lines to restrict your note-taking, just blank sections separated by a line for each day.The daily format features unlined, one-page-per-day planning, but it is thicker than the weekly planner and measures nearly 1″ thick.

Moleskine Mini Daily Planner

The daily planning format is unlined and unstructured with one-day-per-page.

All of the same convenience pages are here, too including the Time Zone Map, Travels Planning and Memo, International Dialing Codes, Yearly Calenders, International Holidays, Distances, International Sizes and a small ruler on the edge of a page.

Moleskine Mini Planner pages feature an world time zone map

Moleskine Mini Planner pages feature the same convenience pages you'll find in the larger versions.

There is a change to the monthly planning section in the front of the planner; a box style planning calendar. I much prefer the box format in this planner to the tiny, vertical monthly planning sections in the larger planners. It is easier to see a month’s planning at a glance and less rigid. With any luck the larger planners will adopt this format in the future.

Moleskine Monthly Box-Style Planning Calenders

Moleskine's new monthly box-style planning calenders in the front of the planner give you a view of your month at a glance.

The mini planners have the all the features that you would expect from a Moleskine notebook or planner including:

  • Ribbon bookmark
  • Expandable envelope in the back
  • Elastic strap does a good job of keeping the planner closed an compact
  • Opens flat
  • Protective, oilcloth cover
  • Acid-free paper
Moleskine Mini Planner

The expandable pocket in the back of the planner is large enough for credit cards or business cards.

Final Thoughts

These little planners are packed with a powerful planning format despite being small. There are a variety of color choices to satisfy the urge to have a unique look. The planning formats are classic Moleskine and have enough space to handle all but the busiest schedules. If you don’t carry a planner because you don’t like the extra bulk, you should consider the Moleskine line of Mini Planners. The small size is to that of an iPhone and is as convenient to carry.

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I love pocket planners, but most don’t include a usable monthly calender with the current week. This has always frustrated me, so I created a set of small Monthly Calendars that are available as a free download at www.journalingarts.com.

Free Calendar Downloads for Your Moleskine, Ciak, Cartesio and Rhodia Planners are available at www.journalingarts.com.The Monthly Calendars measure 4¾” x 3¼” and were designed to fit into Moleskine, Ciak, Cartesio, and Rhodia planners and will also fit into the back envelope for storage. Use one as a bookmark and you’ll always have your month to view where you need it.

Use the Monthly Calendar as a Bookmark to Keep Your Monthly Overview Where You Need It.

Slide a Monthly Calendar into your Moleskine planner and use it as a bookmark to keep your monthly overview close at hand.

Each season is designated by a color and design. The free downloads are in color, but will print beautifully in black & white on your laser printer.

Each season is designated by a color and design. The free downloads are in color, but will print beautifully in black & white on your laser printer.

There is also a free download of lined Notecards that was designed to fit on the back of the calendars, but can be used alone for adding Notecards to your planning. You can print these out on the backside of your calendars by printing on both sides of your paper. The Notecards and Calendars were designed to line up properly when printed on both sides.

Free Notecards download can be used alone or with the Monthly Calendars for additional organization.

Free Notecards download can be used alone or with the Monthly Calendars for additional organization.

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I have been waiting for this day to arrive. I just received my first shipment of Moleskine’s new Artist Collection planners which feature the playful artwork of Martí Guixé. The planners are covered in smooth leather which feels lovely and smells great. Kraft slip cases wrap each of the planners and feature the same design that has been printed on the planner. Very chic!

Moleskines Red Leather Weekly Planner from the Artist Collection. Artwork is by Martí Guixé.

Moleskine's Red Leather Weekly Planner from the Artist Collection. Artwork is by Martí Guixé.

The small, red weekly planner is available at www.journalingarts.com, and hope to have them all up on the site by week’s end. If you are interested in ordering one, but it is not listed on the site yet, drop me an email at cynthia@journalingarts.com and I would be happy to put an order together for you. I have the following Artist Collection planners in stock and ready to ship:

  • Small Red Weekly Planner
  • Small Black Weekly Planner
  • Large Red Weekly Planner
  • Large Black Weekly Planner
  • Small Red Daily Planner
  • Small Black daily Planner
  • Large Black Daily Planner

The Large Red Daily Planners are on order, but I haven’t received these yet. I plan on doing a review on these shortly, so be sure to check back soon.

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The Moleskine Volant Color a Day Daily Planner Set.

The Moleskine Volant Color a Day Daily Planner Set.

The paper in the Moleskine Volant Daily Planners set appears to be the same as is in all of the other Moleskine planners. But many of you have asked about how well the paper holds up to ink, so I ran a quick pen test on the paper to see what pens would work best. The pens I chose were based on what I had close at hand, but my selections are similar to popular pens in the market today. I chose a fountain pen with a medium nib because it will lay down more ink and will be more likely to feather or bleed through the paper than a fine point nib.

Please note that you may get different results using your pens than I do with mine. A lot of variables can come into play here including pen type, ink type, pressure used, nib style and environmental conditions, etc.

The pens I tested:

  • Tombow Ballpoint Pen
  • Tombow Fountain Pen with Medium Nib
  • Tombow Ultra Rollerball Pen, 0.5 mm point
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliner
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen, Fine Point
  • Pilot Precise Grip Fine Point Marker

These are scans of the pen and paper test. The first page is the front of the page and the second is the back.

I used a variety of pens on the thin paper in the Moleskine Volant Daily Planner.

I used a variety of pens on the front of a page in the Moleskine Volant Daily Planner.

There was a small amount of bleedthrough on the ink samples from the Pilot Precise Grip, Tombow Rollerball Pen and the Tombow Fountain Pen. The fountain pen bled only where I lifted the pen and it was minimal.

On the back side of the page there was a small amount of bleedthrough on the ink samples from the Pilot Precise Grip, Tombow Rollerball Pen and the Tombow Fountain Pen. The fountain pen bled only where I lifted the pen and it was minimal.

The results were predictable, and in line with the results many of you have had with other Moleskine planners. The paper is thin and had a substantial amount of show through with the inks in my test. Three of the pens had a small amount of bleedthrough including the Pilot marker, Tombow Rollerball Pen and the Tombow Fountain pen. The Pilot marker was the worst offender and had the most bleedthrough. The fountain pen had only a tiny amount of bleedthrough that occurred at the end of letters before I lifted the pen where there was a slight amount of pooling.

Final thoughts

I imagine that some of you will have problems with bleedthrough on the paper in the Moleskine Volant Daily Planners if you are using wet writers such as fountian pens and rollerball pens. Using a ballpoint pen or other fine line, water-based marker should work beautifully without problems other than some showthrough. The medium nib Tombow Fountain pen I used had only minor bleedthrough that I could live with, so there are probably other fountain pens that will be OK on this paper. But because of the great variety of fountain pens in use today I will not give it the thumbs up for use with all fountain pens or with other wet writers. However, I can say that a large variety of ballpoint pens and fine point markers will give you satisfactory results.

If you have had success with your Moleskine Planner and a fountain pen or rollerball pen, I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment with the details of your specific planner and pen so that others may benefit from your experience. Thank you!

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The Moleskine Project Planner is now available at www.journalingarts.com.

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