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The Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper is in full swing at Diane’s Pocketblonde blog. Be sure to check it out for this month’s best review on pens, pencils and paper.

For those of you who crave information on the latest journals be sure to check out these journal and planner reviews.

Why keep a journal? Well, Snarky’s Machine has a list of 10 reason’s why you’ll be cooler if you do.

Chris of Pens’nPaper reviews the 2011 Exacompta Prestige Journal 21 Daily Planner and includes lots of pictures of all the extras that come with this planner (for the picky at heart, it’s a treat!)

Zequenz Notebooks, which are as flexible as kittens but easier to write on, gets a great post at Journaling Arts.

Lauren, formerly of Pennington-on-Paper, has a new blog (unhalfbricking) and an introspective post on journaling that’s a lovely read.

Katie of Orange Circle Studio sent in this introduction to the new Edgewise Journals.

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