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Primary Watercolor Abstract in a Moleskine Watercolor Journal

Primary Watercolor Abstract in a Moleskine Watercolor Journal was created without a plan or concept. I used the colors that had dried in my palette left over from a previous painting.

I enjoyed creating the Peace of Mind meditative image so much, that I wanted to try this method again to see where it would take me. With so little time to paint these days, these quick, meditative explorations are a great way to keep the art flowing without the demands of a larger, more elaborate piece. My breaks from work each day consist of 10-15 minutes twice a day which is just enough time to get in a wet layer of paint before I return to work.

On this particular piece, I started with a rich, wet red wash that dripped down the page. I hadn’t planned the drip, it just happened, so in the spirit of going with the flow, I just let it be. I added a lighter wash to the right of the drip, and pulled the darker paint into the lighter area while it was still wet to create some movement. A a pale red wash to the bottom right of the page before I set it aside to dry.

On my next break I added the deep blue wash, keeping the entire area wet while I worked. Once that was completed, I added a light wash of blue in red area to soften the contrast between the colors and to help the colors relate to each other. This took only a few minutes and I was able to put it aside and enjoy a cup of coffee before I had to return to work. On my following break from work I took a look at the piece and I felt like it needed something vibrant. Yellow was added at the intersection of color to add some much needed pop.

In the end, I ended up with an abstract of primary colors which I would never have chosen in well-planned, intentional illustration. While it is not my normal way of working, it does allow me to fit painting into my busy schedule and it keeps the creative juices flowing. It also provides me with an opportunity to clear my head and return to work refreshed.

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