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I have water lilies blooming in my backyard pond and I love them. They are the perfect subject for a watercolor illustration and they offer me another opportunity to play around with my art supplies. It’s time to break out the Moleskine watercolor Journal!

I chose the Moleskine Watercolor Journal because I love the way the paper handles ink, watercolor, marker etc, and I planned on using all of these mediums. It is also a convenient size and can be carried around in a purse or large pocket and the cover gives me a hard surface for sketching on.

I chose the Watercolor Journal from Moleskine becasue of the versatility of the paper.

I chose the Watercolor Journal from Moleskine because of the versatility of the paper.

My favorite part of a lily pond is the shiny edges where the lilies meet the water. Because of surface tension, this area is highly reflective and appears white to the eye. I made sure to leave these edges white as well as the area around the small rings created by a tiny bug that landed on the water’s surface.

I wanted to use bright, fresh colors for this illustration. In most cases, when water comes in contact with green plants, the result is bright yellow-green. So I used Caran d’Ache Neocolor II Aquarelles for the greens and blues to make the color pop.

Aquarelles are heavily pigmented sticks that look like crayons. The color goes on like pastels, but when you add water, they blend like watercolors. The color is slightly opaque and is similar to thinned tempra paint, but it is translucent enough to give a watercolor effect. The colors are intense and are brighter than my watercolors so I like using them when I want to make a bold statement. These are great to use outdoors if you want a watercolor effect but don’t want to carry brushes and water. Color the image while on site using the sticks like pastels and blend in the water later in your your studio or home.

Caran dAche Neocolor II Pastels are watersoluable and blen like watercolors.

Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Pastels are water soluble and blend like watercolors.

My set of Aquarelles are close to 20 years old and the colors are still intense. The packaging has changed since I purchased them, but they are still available online and in some art supply stores.

My set of Aquarelles are close to 20 years old and the colors are still intense and the blends are still smooth. The packaging has changed since I purchased them, but they are available online and may be in your local art supply stores.

The outlines were done using my favorite Tombow Ultra Rollerball Pen. I wanted the edges to appear sharp and in my opinion, the Tombow roll pens are the best. The ink is waterproof so it won’t bleed or smudge when wet color is applied and the black is really rich. Because the pen is refillable, I can choose from a variety of point sizes and colors as my needs change.

If you have had experiences using the Aquarelles, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to post your comments!

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