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In an attempt to learn more about how watercolor paint works, I did a quick sketch of one of my favorite places from a photo. I allowed myself 15 minutes to complete the image. The goal here was to work as fast as possible without detail. This was difficult for me. I am more comfortable creating art that is more literal or realistic in nature. Splashing down something quick and being able to let it go is not my favorite thing. I guess once I am more comfortable with the medium and can predict more accurately what will happen with the paint, I will be happier with my results.

Quick Watercolor Sketch of the River Banks at Jekyll Island.

Quick Watercolor Sketch of the River Banks at Jekyll Island.

The illustration was done in a pocket sized Moleskine Watercolor Journal. The small size limited the detail I was able to produce, which was helpful to my goal of working quickly. I can’t say enough good things about the Moleskine Watercolor Journal. It is a great tool for quick renderings and studies and is perfect for creating simple work when you don’t want to commit to a large scale project.

I would love to hear from those of you who have had a lot of experience with watercolor. Any hints, tips or suggestions are most welcome.

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