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I wanted to use my Tombow Mono Drawing Pencils last night, so it drew a pencil sketch of Frosti in the Moleskine Japanese Album. The paper, is much like that in the Moleskine Sketchbook. It is fairly thick and smooth with a coating on the paper that is slightly water resistant. Even with a fairly hard lead, I was able to blend the pencil lines easily on the smooth paper. My lines erased clean without leaving any graphite behind. The paper is fine for pencil sketches, but there is a quirk about the journal I  don’t like.

After working with the Moleskine Japanese Album in my lap for a few sketches, I decided that I would prefer using it on a hard surface. The accordion style of the pages can become a little cumbersome when perched on a leg or other unstable surface. The pages tended to open up and fall out unless I was very still and working flat. By working on a hard surface I was able to open the accordian pages all the way and have a firm surface below the pages in use. Sketching on the notebook when it is opened like a book, the zig zag pages feel springy underneath, which can be irritating if you are trying to create a tight drawing. If anyone has a creative solution for this, I would be interested in hearing about it.

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