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With classic good looks and sophisticated style, Moleskine planners scream for a high-style companion pen. The Large Daily Planner has a unique feature not found on other Moleskine notebooks or planners; a void in between the pages and the spine which is perfect for holding a thin pen. Not only is this convenient, but it gives you the opportunity keep a pen with your planner that expresses your modern lifestyle.

In the photos below, I used 2 different pens in the void, Tombow’s Zoom 727 and 707 ballpoint pens because of their modern designs and thin profiles. Both pens have a clip on the end which helps hold the pen securely in place and the stylish red dots contrast nicely with the black color of the spine. When using this method, you will have a small portion of the pen or pencil protruding from the top. You can also completely conceal your writing instrument by using the pressure method shown below.

The Clip Method

  1. Open your Moleskine Large Daily Planner and find the opening at the top formed between the spine and pages.
  2. Insert the body of a slim pen into the void in between the spine and the page binding. Push into the slot until the clip is secured on the edge of the spine.

The Pressure Method
No Clip? No Problem

Pens and pencils without clips can be used as long as they are slim enough to fit into the void and fat enough to fit snugly when the planner is closed. The pressure on the void in the spine increases as you close the planner, securing the pen when fully closed. The elastic strap holds it together, making this a fairly secure space for your pen or pencil. When you open the planner, the pen or pencil will fall out or can be pushed out with your pinky. You might want to experiment with different pens to get one that is a good fit because if it is too loose, your pen will not fall out. When using the clip method, the silver Tombow Zoom 727 ballpoint pen shown in the photo hase the best fit I have found but I am sure that there are others that would work as well.

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