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Keeping a pen attached to your Moleskine journal or planner is easy, if you know how. There are several ways you can do this without adding anything extra other than a pen and some ingenuity. This will work with all of Moleskine’s large, hard-cover notebooks but it especially nice on the large Daily Planner because of its extra thickness. This hack will work well in most situations, although I would not recommend it in a harsh or abusive environment or because of the risk of loss or breakage to your pen and/or elastic strap.

Here’s How:

You’ll need a pen that has a clip near the end and is similar in length as the width of your large  Moleskine journal, about 5 ¼” or less . This method works best on the hardcover Moleskine planners and notebooks. I used a Tombow 707 Zoom pen because of its thin profile, but a standard sized pen will work, too. You could do this with the large soft cover planners, but because of the flexible cover, it will not be as secure.

  1. Open your planner in the middle so the pages are flat and pull the ribbon away from the pages.
  2. Put the tip of your pen at the top of the planner where the ribbon emerges from the spine. Wrap the ribbon around the tip of the pen until it feels snug and any slack is gone.
  3. Put the pen on top of the planner’s pages and close the planner on the ribbon making sure the ribbon stays tight around the pen.
  4. Align the pen along the top without extending beyond the width of the planner. Slide the elastic band over the top of the planner and pen, the slip the band underneath the pen clip, pulling it as close to the end of the pen as the clip will allow. Place the remaining band over the front of the planner and into place. Voila, an instant pen holder!

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