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Tired of the 2-dimensional images I’ve been creating, I wanted to try something different. Letter “N” is a pop-up letter that was created from some old business card stock I had laying around the office. Because the tone of the “N”and the background colors were so similar, I opted for a horizontal format for the background to add some much needed contrast to offset the vertical line of the letter. I used my Tombow Dual Brush Markers to create the watery background for quick and easy color. A few simple tabs were included in the design of the letter that were later folded and glued into the pages of the Moleskine Sketchbook. It took some experimentation to get the letter to pop up when the pages were opened, but I manged to get it to pop up slightly. I could have gone for more pop, but this could have kept me occupied for hours to get just the right pop and I was not in the mood to obsess over the height of my pop at the time. Perhaps I will experiment with this on another letter down the line.

Letter N is a Pop-Up Letter and Was a Nice Diversion from 2-Dimensional Wrok.

Letter "N" is a Pop-Up Letter and Was a Nice Diversion from 2-Dimensional Art Work.

If you are designing a journal or scrapbook for a child a pop-up letter or picture would be a great surprise for the reader. It is relatively simple to do and has a big impact. This pop up was created by making a few folds on the letter and gluing it down.

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