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Are you having trouble deciding which notebook or journal to use next? Do you want more information about journal sizes, line widths and page counts? Discover which notebook is the best fit for you and your lifestyle by using this chart including four high-quality journal makers. You’ll find measurements, available sizes, line widths, page count and more. Each of these manufacturers offer journals that are well made, acid-free and designed to be used on a regular basis. My favorite ruled journal is the Cartesio journal, what is yours? See the chart by clicking this link: Journal Chart.

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When creating “K”, I wanted to create a collage so I could paste additional paper across the back of the previous “J” page which had a large tear. I didn’t want to risk tearing it completely through. I also wanted to create the collage because I hadn’t done one yet. The interpretation of “K” is more figurative than I usually do, which was fun. To keep the collage from looking so rigid and too much like a magazine cut out, I added color blocks by pressing a pale green stamp pad onto the paper. The stamp pad creates a block of color that is imperfect with lighter areas around the edges. Circular Chinese coin images were added for an additional pop of color and to give some relief to the hard angles.

I Created a Collage on the Illustration of K so I Could Cover the Tear on the Previous Page.

A Collage was Used to Create "K" so I Could Cover the Tear on the Previous Page.

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