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Because I love how the acrylic paints look and feel in a Moleskine Sketchbook, I decided to create a thick, layered page. I started by applying the acrylic to the page with a roller. This gives a flat, even application and it fills the page quickly. When rolling the paint on the right page, I accidentally removed the top layer of paper from the page. At first, this was disappointing, but I decided to use it as part of the illustration. I built the background by rolling several colors and giving each layer time to dry before applying the next. This gives the pages a rich, texture that feels a bit like stucco when you run your hand across it.

The white images were applied as the final layer. I used a white pen to create the letter “J” and the webbing, which adds another texture. A final coat of Golden soft gel was applied using my fingers to create a top layer that adds more texture and protects the white layer.

Multiple Layers of Acrylic Were Used to Create TextureMultiple Layers of Acrylic Were Used to Create Texture

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