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At  Moleskine.com you can create custom pages to add to your large or small Moleskine journal. The pages can be printed on your printer and are sized perfectly to fit your notebook. You don’t need any additional software, layouts and tools are provided for you online. There are options for creating a custom page using your text and picture, or you can upload your contacts from Outlook, Plaxo or your phone to create your own personalized address book including the data you choose from preselected options. You can also create a Moleskine sized Events Calendar to keep you on track by uploading and printing your schedule from your iCal files (icalendar format). Check it out at www.moleskine.com/msk.php.

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I love the letter “G”, in particular, the lower case version. I think it is the most beautiful of all of the letters. The form is strong enough to be a design element all on its own, which is why I chose to give it an entire page all to itself. I used a Tombow roll pen to illustrate the letter and markers for the colored g’s on the left. There were no suprises with the paper on this one.

The Letter G in My Moleskine Sketchbook Created in Ink and Marker.

The Letter "G" in My Moleskine Sketchbook Created in Ink and Marker.

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