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There is nothing quite as bizarre looking than a larger-than-life eyeball, an this illustration is no exception. I don’t know if it was the relationship between the letter “C” and the word “see” that inspired this, but here it is. Had I dropped the iris and the bottom of the “C” below the lower lid a bit more, perhaps it wouldn’t look so buggy, but it is interesting to think about why I made it look so intense. Most likely a reflection on how I was feeling when I created it.

I learned graphic design at a time when the typeface Avant Garde was in vogue, and I really love the round forms of this typeface, especially the uppercase “Q” and the lowercase “e”. It seemed natural to me to insert a round letter into the iris of the eye. Strange, yes, but satisfying somehow. While I drew the form of the “C” in a round shape, I wanted to have the straight edges radiate towards the center point of the eye, so while Avant Garde was the inspiration, I changed things up to keep it interesting.

The Moleskine Sketchbook held up well to my doodlings, as it did in previous renderings. Again, the washes applied caused the paper to bubble, but this is not really a problem. I am still thrilled with how smoothly ink lays down on the pages.

Large Moleskine Sketchbook Illustration

Large Moleskine Sketchbook Illustration

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